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Green Shirt by Solution Clothing

Crew Neck – Green


Description: Power Dry is the most advanced next-to-skin moisture management fabric on the market. Moisture is quickly pulled away from the body and transferred to the outer surface for fast evaporation during activities. The block patterns in the fabric improve compressibility, wicking and technical style. Light weight and stretchy for a great fit. 1 pocket with YKK zippers made in the USA. Constructed in Oregon.

Blue Full Zip Jacket by Solution Clothing

Men’s Zip Hoody – Navy


Description: 300 Series Polar Tech Fleece is the heaviest, thickest fleece material created by Polar Tech. Versatile and durable with great resilience while still being light weight with fast drying time. The best fleece on the market. YKK zippers made in the USA. Constructed in Oregon.

Womens Purple Zip Hoodie by Solution Clothing

Women’s Tech Jacket – Pink

Breathable   8/10
water-resistant     7/10
Wind resistant       8/10
stretchy , soft shell , material
fleece lining on the inside

Ykk zippers

Garment is handmade in Oregon.


We are Solution Apparel

Josh Larkin at Mt. Baker - Solution Clothing

As a clothing company based out of Mt Hood Oregon, we strive to get back to the roots of clothing innovation. We are dedicated to the idea that Mother Earth and Father Sun are characters that we need to keep around. We humans¬†exist as unique guests upon this amazing Earth for an adventure we call “Life”. ¬†And during this adventure, we believe it is best to try to help rather than harm. So with regards to our clothing, which is designed with function as our primary concern, we strive to create a product with as much consideration for the environment as we have for our supporters and ourselves. Currently, we are using recycled fleece material. 50% recycled fleece garments, and 50% recycled soda pop bottles. This is crucial for us because plastic bottles have become such a terrible environmental problem.¬†And with fleece ¬†playing such a huge role in wilderness sports, the option of creating garments out of ¬†“garbage” is something that we feel good about. In the future we will¬†utilize fabrics made from all natural textiles such as Hemp, Wool, Cocona (made from coconut husks) etc.¬†Utilizing natural and recycled textiles is a concern for us because the overall consumption of ¬†“things” in industrial nations is astronomical. We believe that warmth, breathability, longevity and style of clothing can be met and exceeded with natural fibers, resulting in less damage to the environment and ourselves. Each line of our Outerwear is unique. Once we run out of a color or style, its gone. Only to be replaced by the next evolution of garments and accessories.

With regards to our Co2 footprint, we source material domestically (within the USA), and pay for labor locally (Oregon), so we use less resources to make our stuff. ¬†We at Solution realize the unemployment rate is beyond what should be acceptable for a “civilized society” such as ours, and we feel good about employing talented people in Oregon to produce our clothing. Yeah, we are just a clothing company, but just like you we have infinite potential.

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